Wale ’Kerü

Nov 1 2020


The story goes that the spider or Wale ’Kerü was the one who taught the Wayuú woman how to weave.

It was a weaver spider that when it dawned it had already made strips and chinchorros, it always made its drawings before spring. The Wayuu people were enchanted with the creations and decided to ask her how she had made them. Wale ’Kerü decided to teach only one of the women.

She taught the young women who remained in lockdown, asked them for a lot of attention, forbade them to look sideways and be distracted, because she could not be teaching them forever, her attention was so strong that one day when she noticed that the Wayuú could not define the shapes and drawings of her fabrics she began to make a path with each drawing and so , the people began their practice in what is now their main source of income.