Piula or Kattowi.

Nov 1 2020

Piula o Kattowi

It is important to note that in the beginning the practice of the fabric with which they created their handicrafts, was only for personal use, so the great variety in styles and sizes that today present to the market, over time their designs were perfected in such a way that it was attractive to members of other castes (Families belonging to the Wayuú ethnic group) and with this were given the first barters or sales , according to the needs of each family. 

The Piula or Kattowi backpacks are mesh backpacks used to load mucuros and cramps or store food and utensils, made of goat leather, aipis, fique, trolling or yarn. They are those of very large meshes, woven with the fingers of the hands, to the smallest of narrow meshes, woven with a straight needle, in the technique of “twisted steak”.

The base of the mesh backpacks begins in a small circle formed by a thick or double thread, on which a caho-shaped ralo fabric is cut with a needle, and are now woven with industrialized threads.